Where to buy?

Here, you can find a list of pharmacies in which you can find our products.

Name Address Phone
Dr vasefi 3rd bahar , Niayesh HighWay Paknejad Blvd Saadatabad , Tehran 98-21- 22355144 View on Maps
Palladium Palladium Shopping Center Moghaddas Ardabili Street Tehran 98-21-22665870 View on Maps
karimian second sq shahran Tehran 98-21-44332329 View on Maps
Tak pasdaran Gilan Ave Pasdaran Street Tehran 98-21-22853515 View on Maps
Ramin Ferdosi sq Teharn 98-21-66738080 View on Maps
Ghanoon Vanak sq Tehran 98-21-88794100 View on Maps
Pershian Arash blvd, Afrigha blvd Tehran 98-21-88207770 View on Maps
Zarrin Marzdaran blvd Tehran 98-21-44275679 View on Maps
Jamalzadeh North Jamalzadeh Street Tehran 98-21-66947618 View on Maps
Rasel South sohrevardi Street Tehran 98-21-88302573 View on Maps
Azadi Azadi street, Azadi sq, Tehran 98-21-66874380 View on Maps
Salehi Sourmaghi Moghaddas Ardabili Street Tehran 98-21-22039150 View on Maps
Dr Niazi Velenjak Street, Tehran 98-21-22426275 View on Maps
Dr Rastkar Didar Ave Elahie Street 98-21-26214084 View on Maps
Afrigha Afrigha Blvd,Tehran 98-21-22041414 View on Maps
Markazi Vanak Vanak sq Tehran 98-21-88786000 View on Maps
Dr. Zahra Ghanbari Tavanir Ave, Valiasr Street, Tehran 98-21-88191922 View on Maps
Touraj Mohebbi Mollasadra Street ,Tehran 98-21-88773201 View on Maps
Pasdaran Pasdaran Street , Tehran 98-21-22588522 View on Maps
Omid Mellat Sq, Tehran 98-21-22514133 View on Maps
Ayat Hafthoz Sq , Tehran 98-21-77913178 View on Maps
Aminorroaya Tehranpars Street, Tehran 98-21-77868431 View on Maps
Sahebgharanieh North Pasdaran Street , Tehran 98-21-22809400 View on Maps
Mehraeen Langari Ave,Sanaaee Street , Tehran 98-21-229551022 View on Maps
Setareh Sadat Hejazi pole roumi Ave,Shariati Street , Tehran 98-21-22039150 View on Maps
Dr. Elham Fathi Andarzgoo Blvd , Tehran 98-21-22287650 View on Maps
Ferdousi Fatemi Street,Ferdousi Sq , Tehran 98-21-88969669 View on Maps
Dr. Hoda Nemati First Sq Shahran , Tehran 98-21-44360735 View on Maps
Dr.Ghadirian Kaj Sq,Saadatabad , Tehran 98-21-22069485 View on Maps
Dr.Ghomi Dadman Street Shahrak e Gharb, Tehran 98-21-88077666 View on Maps
Shokoofeh Pirouzi Street , Tehran 98-21-77470579 View on Maps
Etminan Pirouzi Street , Tehran 98-21-77434159 View on Maps
Dr.Sheybani Bahman hospital Iranzamin Street , Tehran 98-21-88575790 View on Maps
Ayandeh Atieh Hospital Dadman Street Shahrak e Gharb 98-21-82722029 View on Maps
Dr.Damirchi Dadman Street Shahrak e Gharb, Tehran 98-21-88561904 View on Maps
Dr.Dehghanpour Tehran,Majd Street Saadatabad 98-21-22135418 View on Maps
Beheshti Tehran Falamak Street Shahrak e gharb 98-21-88365324 View on Maps
Setareh Pole modiriat Saadat abad , Tehran 98-21-88691307 View on Maps
DR.Azade Salem Kashani Blvd First Sq , Tehran 98-21-44071694 View on Maps
Ghanbarizadeh Abaazar Ave Kashani Blvd , Tehran 98-21-44034510 View on Maps
Samen Baghfeyz , Tehran 98-21-44061815 View on Maps
Golesang Poonak Blvd , Tehran 98-21-44468662 View on Maps
Jahan Darman Poonak Blvd , Tehran 98-21-44405804 View on Maps
Shahab Dehkadeh Olampik , Tehran 98-21-44717616 View on Maps
Sadaf Tehransar Blvd , Tehran 98-21-44530735 View on Maps
Ghahramani Laleh Blvd Tehransar, Tehran 98-21-44503739 View on Maps
Rex Poonak Sq Ashrafiesfahani Blvd,Tehran 98-21-44454500 View on Maps
Edalat Yousefabad Street,Tehran 98-21-88064516 View on Maps
Alavinik North Jamalzadeh Street, Tehran 98-21-66925813 View on Maps
Farabi North Jamalzadeh Street Tehran 98-21-66927544 View on Maps
Kianpars Ghaem magham Street,Tehran 98-21-88750879 View on Maps
Etemadi South Ghaem magham Street 98-21-88310959 View on Maps
Saba Shahid Beheshti Street, Tehran 98-21-88403532 View on Maps
13 Aban Keshavarz Blvd,Tehran 98-21-88849011 View on Maps
Tousi Hedayat Sq,Tehran 98-21-22779363 View on Maps
Mirdamad Shariati Street 98-21-22274978 View on Maps
Yasan Shariati Street,Tehran 98-21-22272657 View on Maps
Gholhak Shariati Street Gholhak,Tehran 98-21-22909669 View on Maps
Ebneyamin Sattarkhan Street ,Tehran 98-21-66505384 View on Maps
Perspolis Sattarkhan Street ,Tehran 98-21-44216441 View on Maps
Dadfar Sattarkhan Street ,Tehran 98-21-66437473 View on Maps
Holand Roodaki Street, Azadi Street,Tehran 98-21-66831741 View on Maps