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Alerhelp 20 X 10 ml

 ALERHELP is an excellent su­p­ple­ment made with natural ingredients that spe­ci­f­i­cally help fight allergies. Its innovative for­mu­la with Capparis spinosa, Olea europaea, Ribes nigrum, Panax ginseng, resveratrol and He­li­chry­sum italicum makes it an ideal help in les­se­ning the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

ALERHELP is reinforced with res­veratrol, which contributes to desensitizing against allergies and has strong antioxidant effect, cutting the  amount of free radicals and toxic substances  in our body, which are by-products of metabolism, reducing this way oxidative damage.



Ingredients per vial


320 mg

Oilve leaf

195 mg


100 mg


85 mg

Panax ginseng

75 mg


5 mg


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