L-carnitine + Vitamin B5 90 x 500 mg

  L-CARNITINE CAPSULES  contains 100% car­nitine in the form of tartrate, which is the most effective and the one that is absorbed and acts the quic­kest.

  L-CARNITINE CAPSULES is re­in­for­ced with vi­ta­min B5. It stimulates the use of free fatty acids for energy production. It increases the capacity of our body to oxidize fatty acids and carbohydrates. It improves physical per­for­mance and makes it possible to recover quicker after exer­ci­sing. L-CARNITINE CAPSULES preserves muscle glycogen, postpones fa­ti­gue ap­pea­ran­ce, burning more fats and improving phy­sical fitness. It helps metabolize fats and lose weight.

  L-CARNITINE CAPSULES helps eli­mi­na­te free radicals and boosts immunity.



Ingredients per  capsule



L-Carnitine tartrate

500 mg

Vitamin B5

1.5 mg


% NRV (Nutrient reference value)

Capsule shell of plant origin.