L-Carnitine 2000

  L-CARNITINE contains 100% car­nitine in the form of tartrate, which is the most effective and the one that is absorbed and acts the quickest.  L-CARNITINE stimulates the use of free fatty acids for energy production.

L-carnitine supply improves physical per­for­mance and makes it possible to recover quicker after exercising. L-CARNITINE preserves muscle glycogen, postpones fatigue appearance, burning more fats and improving physical fitness. It helps metabolize fats and lose weight. L-CARNITINE helps eliminate free radicals and boosts immunity.

According to scientific data, most adults take around 50 mg carnitine a day in the diet. This amount is not sufficient to meet the optimum daily requeriments. Vegetarians do not often ingest enough amount of carnitine with the diet, since it is found mostly in animal foods like red meat and milk. For this reason, L-carnitine supplementation is very important for certain population groups like elderly people, sports people, pregnant women, children, etc.) and in case of poor protein supply.

Ingredients per   vial



2000 mg