Bee Products

Royal Provite 5000 20 X 11 ML

ROYAL PROVITE 5000 has been formulated with royal jelly, bee po­llen, propolis and vitamin E with the aim of reinforcing the benefits of the different ingredients that make up the product, while supplying the energy needed at times of higher physical activity and protecting us from the damaging effects of en­vi­ron­mental pollutants. ROYAL PROVITE 5000 is made of natural ingredients that provide us with the essential nutrients that protect us against the effects of free radicals . It also con­tri­bu­tes to a quick recovery during con­va­les­cen­ce, being specially re­com­mended in case of anemia.


Ingredients per vial



Royal jelly

3850 mg


Bee pollen extract

550 mg


Purified propolis *

40 mg


Vitamin E

10 mg


 %NRV: Nutrient reference value

* Equivalent to 100 mg raw propolis.