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Propoltos 30 ml

PROPOLTOS puts together the properties of propolis, erysimum and mint. It has been developed to help reduce inflammation at the upper and medium respiratory tract when it appears together with hoarseness, colds and cough. It thins and clears phlegm from the upper and medium respiratory tracts. It is a refreshing product for the oral hygiene that gives fresh breath due to menthol stimulating the nerve endings responsible for the feeling of cold, and to the antiseptic and aromatic properties of the ingredients.

Its presentation in the form of a practical spray makes it possible to widen the area of application, increasing its efficacy.  

This application form together with its antibacterial and antifungal properties make it suitable for its administration on skin.



Ingredients per 30 ml                     

Purified propolis

3000 mg


600 mg

VitaminC(38% NRV)

30 mg


15 mg  


%NRV(Nutrient reference value)