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PROPOLIS 1,000 mg with echi­nacea contains 400 mg purified propolis (equivalent to 1,000 mg raw propolis), en­riched with echinacea juice concentrate (Echinacea purpurea L.) and wheat germ oil.

The synergistic effect of its constituents make it an ideal and efficient help in times of change of weather, cold weather and when we are affected by colds and flu.

The combination of its three ingredients make it an effective microbicide active against an ample range of bacteria and vi­ru-s­es, and give it immunostimulating pro-perties.


Ingredients per   capsule


Purified Propolis*

400 mg

Echinaceae juice concentrate

30 mg 

* In a base of Wheat  Germ  oil

*Equivalent to 1000 mg of crude propolis